Our Podcast Production Company

We’re a fun group of storytellers that have the best jobs in the world! Every day we get to come to work and take someones interview or rant and turn it into a masterpiece that thousands or millions will listen to.

Having been featured in Forbes, MSM and other publications we’re the world’s largest and best podcast company within the finance, legal and business industries. Better than any other group in the world we understand how to craft a show that hooks an audience and gets the message across in a fun, educational way.

Who Are We

Everyone has a unique skillset and ability. We love creating the magic for those stories to come alive.

Our Mission

We are shaping the way people think and learn. It’s a blend of information and entertainment.

What We Do

Besides editing our primary job is to help you connect with your audience and attract others.

Our history

It all started with an audio project for the Summer Olympics. From there we ended up creating podcasts that were getting close to 1,000,000 downloads a month. We realized this was something special and from there our team moved into an office with a recording studio, design lab and a workspace that allowed the creative juices to flow.

The 6-D's of Podcasting



Everything starts off with understanding your core audience and how you want to communicate with them. 



The most powerful role of a podcast is the ability to nurture and connect with an audience. Audio is the most intimate form of mass communication.



Standing out in a crowded space takes strategy, talent and a lot of hard work. Listeners are hungry to be entertained and educated.



Using smart technologies to share your message with more people is smart leverage. That’s why every episode should be available on all platforms.



Getting in front of new audiences can be approached strategically so you can create an overall lift in your customer acquisition.



Education is at the heart of podcasting and with the ease of distribution you have the opportunity to teach people worldwide, for free.

Why choose us?

Anyone can clean up audio and add catchy music, but having someone that understands the way you communicate and how you want to connect with your audience is priceless.

Looking to get your latest recording edited and published in a couple of days? Done! We understand that some episode you want to plan ahead months in advance while others are current events that need to be published ASAP. We’ve got you covered.

Our focus is working solely with businesses because we understand how to communicate in a B2C and B2B environment. We especially love working in the finance and legal industries.

Do you want a team that cares about you and actually responds fast? That’s us! Since our audio, creative, operations and support team all work in the same office we are able to help our customers quickly.

Our client Ken Greene, the host of the Engineer of Finance podcast said: “It might be one of the best things I’ve done marketing wise.” Regardless if your selling a product or service a podcast is an incredible tool for building a community.

Our team is some of the best talent in the industry. We’ve been featured in Forbes, MSM and our founder has lectured at top Universities. Each team member is dedicated to their craft and we are thrilled to have them be apart of the team.

Podcast production plans for SMB and Enterprise businesses.

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