When will my social media assets be sent to me?

Your social media assets will be sent to you before your podcast launch date. Depending on when the files were sent to us and the release date this may be 24 hours or several weeks in advance.

Will my podcast guests be notified when the podcast goes live?

Yes, you podcast guest will be sent an email the day that your podcast episode is released. The email will thank them for being a guest and include links to podcast. They will also receive social media assets to share with their network.

How far in advance should I upload my podcast audio? 

We ask that you upload your podcast audio 7 days in advance. If you would like to send several episodes at a time that is great. If you send files for an urgent production edit there may be rush fees.

Fill out an episode upload form each time you submit a new episode.

What is a media one sheet? 

A “one sheet” is used the the media world as we communicate with other podcast hosts and media outlets. This document helps promote you. It’s called a one sheet because it is usually limited to one page. These sheets are media friendly with clickable links these outlets can easily discover and get in contact with you.

How do I access my Episode Upload Form? 

To make it easy to always be able to access your episode upload form we have created a personalized URL to access. For example, if you podcast name is Business Growth then your URL would be www.podkick.com/BGuploads. We take the first two letters of your podcast name and then add the word uploads to it. If you are having trouble accessing your episode upload form, please contact [email protected].  

How do I use Riverside?

Here is a great video tutorial on how to use Riverside.fm.