October 23, 2015 Allison Harden

Podcasting as a Content Marketing Strategy

Podcasting, or online radio, has only been growing since the advent of the iPod. In this last month, 32 million people listened to a podcast. In fact, the average amount of time people report spending on all sources of online radio – 12 hours per week – has doubled since 2003. (Edison Research)

This rise in popularity of podcasts can be attributed to more apps that allow users to listen to podcasts outside of iTunes, including TuneIn Radio, SoundCloud, and Stitcher. These apps “gave podcasts an entirely new audience” according to Allen Weiner, analyst at Gartner.

Marketers are increasingly starting to turn to podcasts as a player in an effective content strategy. For instance, General Electric is launching a science fiction podcast in an attempt to connect with younger, more tech savvy consumers. Podcasting may still be “a small portion of overall listening,” but according to Brian Lakamp, president of digital, Clear Channel “we need to invest in it. We need to be wherever consumers are.”

So what is the appeal of a podcasting as part of a content strategy?

1. Trust

Podcasting is an uniquely intimate form of communication. Podcast listeners come to know and trust their host in a way that most blog writers can only dream of. The presence of a voice creates a feeling of immediacy lacking from most article based content strategies. While a video might manage to have the same effect, most podcasts are far less time consuming and difficult to produce than a successful youtube video.

If you’re looking to connect with your ideal customer on an intimate level, you might want to take a look at podcasting.

2. Connections

A huge part of podcasting is finding people in your niche – experts, authors, bloggers, speakers – and asking them to come interview on your podcast. This allows you to network in your industry and form connections with people with valuable insights and connections of their own. This is a win-win for both of you, since your interviewee is able to get exposure by appearing on your podcast! Podcast audience, completing aside, podcasting is a great way to become known as an industry expert and to get your name out there in your niche.

3. Get to the Right People Quicker

One of the biggest struggles with advertising and marketing is being able to get your message to the right person. While a TV or even a radio ad might reach many more people than a podcast, there’s a very small chance that it will be reaching the right people: the people who are interested in your product and services.

Blogging helps solve this problem in a small way – by writing blog posts related to your industry and services, you can be fairly certain that most of your traffic is at least peripherally connected to your product. However, a huge amount of people who stumble upon your blog page come to scan your article quickly, get the information they need, and leave.

Podcasting is different. The people who listen to podcasts are dedicated. They care about your product, service, or niche a lot – or they wouldn’t be listening! They care so much that they are actively taking a significant time out of their day (on average, 22 minutes according to Stitcher) to educate themselves on that topic. These are the people that you want to reach!

Even if your blog or your ad sees more traffic overall, podcasts guarantee you a certain level of meaningful traffic – traffic from people who care and who are looking to know and do more.

4. Podcasting is Less Crowded than the Blogosphere

Even as I write this, I know that there are probably hundreds of articles out there with content similar to mine, and that the chances that this article will show up at the top of a google search page for “podcast content marketing” is pretty low.

The truth is, the blogosphere is crowded. Every minute, 347 new WordPress blog posts are published. And that’s just WordPress! Even if your content is good and your message is important, it can be hard to be heard. So while the podcasting space is growing – and there are more and more podcasts every year – there still aren’t as many podcasts as there are blogs. In facts, you might be able to research and listen to almost all of the relevant, popular podcasts in your niche. Can you say that about blogging? Not by a long shot.

If you’re tired of feeling like you’re part of a crowd – a very, very large crowd, then I suggest you find a smaller one! Head over to podcasting.

5. Podcasting is Easier than Blogging for Most People

Most of us aren’t natural born writers – it’s easier for us to say something than to write it. Although it might appear, at it’s advent, slightly more time consuming, podcasting is actually easier than blogging, because all you have to do is say what you think, record it, and post it. Well, almost all.

If you have great ideas, but struggle to express them in a blog post or an article, I strongly recommend podcasting. With podcasting, you have the simplicity of speaking, and the ability to reach a large audience, without having to stand nervously in front of a crowd.

6. Podcasts Are More Engaging Than Blogs

According to Hubspot, 55% of visitors spend fewer than 15 seconds on your site. Fifteen seconds! How is your customer going to get a feel for your brand, begin to trust your company, and start seeing you as an industry leader in 15 seconds?? The answer is, they’re not.

With podcasting, you have a captive audience. Like I mentioned above, the average podcast listener stays for 22 minutes – so, according to those stats, you’d have to publish 88 blog posts in order to get your reader to stay for as long as they would for one podcast!

More time listening to you means more information absorbed. Some of this information is going to be information about your industry, helpful tips and tricks, etc. But some of this information is going to be about you – who you are, what you do, and what you care about. Most of your blog readers probably don’t remember the name of your blog. But your podcast listeners? They’ll know the name of your podcast.


So if you’re looking to revamp a tired content marketing strategy, take a look at podcasting. This new medium’s potential is just waiting to be tapped.


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