August 21, 2015 Allison Harden

7 Podcasts Entrepreneurs Need to Be Listening To

These are the facts: being an entrepreneur means being busy, and it means keeping a delicate balance between learning and doing. You want to learn about how to do business, how to keep customers, how to deal with employees and make your product – but at the same time – you are already doing those things! In fact, as an entrepreneur, you put in a lot more hours behind the desk than you did at your regular job.

It starting to seem more and more like you are never going to be able to crack open those top books on business, or find the time to attend that seminar. What’s a budding CEO to do?

Podcasts provide a perfect opportunity to learn on the go. They can fill a lot of the dead-time that most people waste: you can listen while you’re getting ready, making food, brushing your teeth…the possibilities are almost limitless. They’re the perfect way for a busy person to fit in some on-the-go learning.

That’s why we’ve compiled this essential list of the 7 best business podcasts that you should be listening to – we hope they benefit you and your startup!

1. TedTalks Business

If you’ve been on the internet at all, you’ve probably heard about TedTalks. They’re inspiring or educational videos by experts and speakers on subjects they care about.

With the TedTalks Business Podcast, you don’t have to sit down and watch a video to hear business experts and entrepreneurs give talks like “The Single Biggest Reason Startups Succeed” or “How to Manage for Collective Creativity”.

If you’re looking to be inspired, entertained, and informed, TedTalks is a great place to start.

2. HBR Idea Cast

This weekly podcast features the leading thinkers in business and management from Harvard Business Review. HBR Idea Cast covers topics as diverse as “Building Healthy Teams”, “Social Media Savvy CEO is No Oxymoron”, and “Are Robots Really Coming for our Jobs?” If what you want is an all over look into the world of business management, this is where you go.

3. The Entrepreneur Effect

Being an entrepreneur today means that digital marketing is basically a must. But if you’re like me, the internet can feel overwhelmingly vast place to promote your brand. In comes the Entrepreneur Effect.

The entrepreneur effect highlights opportunities for entrepreneurs in digital marketing. That means shows like “Fresh Marketing Strategies for Hungry Buyers” and “Revenue Enhancement with Performance Marketing”. They have a huge range of topics, and you can search their site for ones you might be interested in.

4. Entrepreneur on Fire

It’s surprising how much hearing how other people have succeed can motivate me and help me generate ideas. I may not intend to take the exact same path as they did, but hearing about other people’s  journeys revitalizes me and gives me ideas and insight about my own. This is basically what Entrepreneurs on Fire does.

Entrepreneurs on Fire features daily chats with inspiring entrepreneurs, who share the stories of how they did it and why. If you’re feeling discouraged, or if you are looking to borrow from the success of others, I highly recommend this podcast.  

5. The Wall Street Journal on Small Biz

The Wall Street Journal on Small Biz focuses on insights for starting and running a small business. They look at big picture trends (like the age small children are using devices like tablets, trademark law, or office space in silicon valley) and interpret or apply them for the small business owner. This is a great podcast for staying up to date and for coming up with cutting edge ideas.

6. How to Start a Startup

How to Start a Startup is exactly what it says it is: a podcast breaking down every stage of planning, starting, and keeping a Startup. Episodes cover topics like “ Sales and Marketing, Talking to Investors” and “Legal and Accounting Basics for Startups”. One of the best things about How to Start a Startup is that it’s very straightforward and direct – you won’t have to look far for the information you need.

7. A Dose of Leadership

Whether you like it or not, every business owner is also a leader. They have to manage the people who work for them, and sometimes the people who work with them. They have to be able to lead investors, clients, and customers to their product.

A Dose of Leadership is a podcast that features inspiring interviews with today’s leaders. The leaders span beyond the business realm – including political and military leaders, but the insights are valuable across the board, no matter what you do.

So what are you waiting for? Start downloading!

(links are to itunes)

TedTalks Business

HBR Idea Cast

The Entrepreneur Effect

Entrepreneurs on Fire

How to Start a Startup

A Dose of Leadership


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