July 21, 2015 Allison Harden

10 Ways to Find Experts for Your Podcast

Interviewing is integral to the podcasting business. After our last article on finding and courting interviewees for your podcast (link here) we thought we’d make this list of 10 resources you should be utilizing to find expert interviewees for your show.

1. Itunes Podcasts

Look to your competitors! Search itunes podcasting for other podcasts in your industry. Consider reaching out to both the podcasters and the people they are interviewing.

2. The blogosphere

Look for influential blogs that write about topics you’re interested in. Find individual journalists who write articles that you like. Look at the people those blogs are interviewing, and consider interviewing them. Use search engines like icerocket, alltop, and technorati to find blogs in your industry.

3. Businesses

Search for businesses in your industry and their heads. They have a lot of practical, hands on knowledge that could be useful to you and your podcast.

4. Social Media

Look for social media personalities with a large following and a lot of reach. Type your industry name into the search bar of twitter or facebook and see what pages come up. Look at their follower numbers, read their posts, and try to gauge their engagement to see if they are someone you would be interested in interviewing. Topsy can be a great tool for searching twitter content to see who’s posting the most about the topics you care about.

5. Public Speakers

Look for public speakers who talk about the topics that you are interested in. Two of the larger associations are SANG and Toastmasters.

6. Journalists

Find news columnists writing about the industries you care about. Comb through The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, NPR, etc., for journalists covering the your industry. Look at who they are interviewing and what they are focusing on. Don’t overlook valuable resources like HARO where you can connect with reports searching for expert opinions.

7. Authors

Search amazon for books in your industry for authors to interview. Make sure you do a little research about their books before you contact them!

8. Industry Conferences

Many experts speak at industry events or conferences. Do a search for events and conferences in your industry and see who’s speaking. This is a great way to find respected experts in your industry. You might even want to consider going to the conference!

9. Google

Don’t forget about the power of a generic google search! Type in your industry, and see what websites come up. Utilize the “Google News” search. It’s more likely than not that many of the people connected to these websites are industry leaders and experts.

10. Try Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is an great content search engine that can be utilized to find industry experts. You can also limit your Buzzsumo search by “interviews” to try and find experts who might be more amenable to interviewing. Take a look at a sample search here.

Hopefully, this list helps you connect with the right experts for your podcast. To speak to experts on podcasting and podcast marketing, feel free to email us at [email protected] with any questions or concerns you might have. Happy podcasting!

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