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Here’s How it Works

There’s never been a better time to be involved in the podcasting world. Just last year, iTunes officially reached over 1 billion subscribers. And there’s no better people to trust your content with than PodKick.

We are professional podcast services company and we help podcasters focus on creating amazing shows without the hassles of production and editing. Our process is simple. You record your show and hand it off to us. We then handle everything else.

Save Your Time

No need to experiment on your own time. PodKick customer gets their own executive producer to manage the details of a show from recording to release. 

Generate Leads

The majority of people who listen to podcasts listen almost religiously. This provides amazing marketing opportunities for businesses and brands. 


Our staff is the best in the business. We only have experts handling your podcasts whether it comes to enhancing audio, scheduling podcasts, branding and advertising, or building relationships with guests on your show. 

Build an Audience

You have a message and want to reach more people. We’ve created a winning recipe that gets attention and distribution for your message. 


Working with us means no hiccups, no delays, and no miscommunications. You’ll know exactly what’s going on with your podcast at all times. 

Strategy and Execution

Before you push the record button there’s a mountain of tasks to complete. Our team keeps our clients focused on the most important things that get results.


Podcasts Downloaded 


Burritos Consumed 


Episodes Released 


Matrix Red Pills Consumed 

Kick Start Your Podcast Today

You can start impacting and influencing others right away. We know exactly how to start a podcast and get you on track to building an engaged audience. It doesn't matter if you are just getting started or if you are looking to grow, we can help. You don’t have to suffer through experimentation and see what works versus what doesn’t work. We’ve already been through that suffering for you. We know what will work for you.

Think about it. You can either take action now and reap the benefits of joining the podcasting world or you can sit still and suck your thumb, planning out every single detail for launching your own podcast. By that time, your competitors will have already beat you and there will be no more opportunity for you in the industry. You need to take advantage while it still lasts. You don’t want to miss out.

Our professional podcast packages offer everything you need to stop wasting your time and get the most out of your podcast.



Share Your Message

Have an idea you want to share with the world? Now you can become the radio talk show host you’ve always wanted to be. Your ideas can be shared across the world immediately. And by working with us, your following will be sure to grow through every show.**

Your one voice can literally reach the ears of billions of listeners. You have that opportunity in the podcasting world. Your ideas can change lives. Your brand can grow. Think of all the possibilities there are with growing a large audience this way. People will listen to you almost religiously. Whether your goal is to make money or to change the world, podcasting is the way to go.

Join the PodKick Family!

We are excited to have you join our growing family of professional podcasters and brands. If you are ready to take your podcast to the next level, checkout the details below and schedule your appointment.

Each podcast is different and depending on several factors, pricing can vary greatly. Anywhere from $300 – $5000 per month. It really depends on how much you want us to be involved and what pieces you want us to take over.

On the low end, we take your audio and make it sound amazing. The cost varies based on how many episodes we will be editing each month and how long each one of them is. On the high end, we take over everything from setup to editing to promotion.

We’ll tailor a package that fits your needs so you are only paying for what you need. We’ll be happy to spend 30 minutes with you to discuss your show and what you might need. To get scheduled, click here to schedule your appointment.

We realize that each of our clients is unique and we love that about this business. If there is something that you would like to ask us about, please do. You can contact us here: CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US.

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